Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Roosevelt City dives into new pool project

The regularly scheduled council meeting was moved from city chambers to the Crossroads Community Center when it came time for the pool report. An audience had already started to gather in the designated meeting room there and filled the room to capacity before the public meeting ended.

The large crowd was quiet and attentive as City Councilman Albert Foster took the council members and audience through a quick media presentation to share background information about the history of the pool and the process leading to that evening’s meeting.

“What will it cost to fix the existing pool? What will it cost to replace the existing pool and what would it cost to improve our existing pool facility,” Foster asked.

During the presentation which followed, Foster laid out the financial background and project options.
Roosevelt residents began taking turns at the open microphone to address the city council, mayor, and audience after the presentation.

The remainder of the motion was amended to state that as sufficient additional monies are collected, each additional piece of the complex becomes funded. That is, when sufficient estimated funds are collected, then the indoor pool lanes would be approved. When additional estimated funds are collected beyond that level, then the field house would be added. All council members voted in the affirmative. Uintah Basin Standard